BBAX: Aral Balkan on the future of the internet

Yesterday evening designer and social entrepreneur Aral Balkan gave a great keynote on what we can and must to do to make the internet a better place.
Balkan gave the talk in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, at the award ceremony of the Big Brother Awards, an award for the most appalling privacy infringement in The Netherlands. The event was organized by Bits of Freedom, a Dutch digital rights organization that cares a lot about privacy and communications freedom.

Unfortunately, there is no clip of the keynote yet, only a recording of the livestream of the whole event. Balkans talk starts at 51:15.

Sumi-e animals: bear and weasel

Today I was reading the wikipedia pages about Chinese painting and sumi-e, or ink wash painting. As you all know I’m a big fan of traditional Asian art, so when I got home I felt inspired to fiddle around for a bit with Indian ink and my much-neglected watercolour pad.
After trying out some doodles, I ended up with two sketches in pencil and I decided to paint them. This is the result. I started with a sketch of a weasel/stoat/ermine for a friend of mine. Later I came up with the bear. I’m thinking of making sketches of other animals as well. Now I need to find a decent scanner…

bear in sumi-e style

hermine in sumi-e style

Since I don’t have one of those funky Chinese signature stamps, I drew the signature by hand with one of my beloved Letraset Promarkers.

I guess these count as the B and W for the 26 Animals project, right? ;)