Free skillshare class: Yuko Shimizu’s masterclass in inking (one week only)

For those of you who always wanted to try out Skillshare: the illustrator Yuko Shimizu is offering her masterclass in inking for free, the coming week only.
If you use the link below to enroll, you get a free month of Premium Membership on Skillshare for unlimited access to hundreds of online classes:
Yuko Shimizu – Mastering Inking: Basic and Pro Techniques
I believe this link is valid for three days.

I can definitely recommend Skillshare! Last year I took a course in handlettering there, and it’s lots of fun.

Another interesting read: Yuko Shimizu’s website features a FAQ with advice for starting illustrators.

Unwritten bij Yuko Shimizu
Unwritten, by Yuko Shimizu

Karpe Noktem cocktail party

cocktail party poster

Karpe Noktem is hosting a cocktail party next week! I was asked to make a poster for the university campus. The last year I’ve been working on my illustrator skills and nowadays when I have to design a poster, I try to make the design as a vector. I’m really happy about how this one turned out. I’m learning new things every day!

Postcrossing card: Plato & Sophia

plato and sophia postcrossing card

I made this digital painting for my good friend Elise, who likes Postcrossing. For her birthday, I gave her a set of postcards with a painting of her two cats, Plato and Sophia. I tried to mimic the Asian paintings I like so much.

(And ta-dah, here is another entry for the 26 animals project… C is for Cat!)

Change perspective

change perspective campaign radboud university

Radboud University has a new marketing campaign with the title ‘Change perspective’. I made this poster to spice up the walls in the Mercator Building, where all the computer science offices are situated.
It features an impossible triangle, which can be found in the works of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher.

This was a collaboration with Bas Westerbaan.