Handlettering some quotes

Late-night Hozier-induced handlettering practice is fun! :)

“If I’m a pagan of the good times, my lover’s the sunlight” (Hozier’s Take me to church)
“With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?” (Oscar Wilde)



star maker watercolour

When I finished reading Star Maker last week, I felt compelled to turn the starry sky into some watercolour practice. I’m fairly pleased with the result, although the colours are a bit too muted for my taste. It was good practice blending the different colours — last time I used only one colour.
Technically speaking this is a mixed media painting, since I also used Promarkers for the foreground and some white textile (!) paint for the stars.

Owl and branch with blossoms

work in progress - painting the owl and a branch with blossoms

Last month I was asked to lighten up Abel & Hanne’s appartment by making a painting on one of their white closets. Together with my good friend Annelies, I made this painting of an owl on a branch with blossoms. When all the hard work was done, we had some beers, a nice dinner and a coconut-cheesecake. It was definitely a good day!
Abel made some nice photo’s of the work in progress.

Here is a photo of the result:

the result - painting the owl and a branch with blossoms

Materials: pencil, acrylics, permanent marker

Karpe Noktem cocktail party

cocktail party poster

Karpe Noktem is hosting a cocktail party next week! I was asked to make a poster for the university campus. The last year I’ve been working on my illustrator skills and nowadays when I have to design a poster, I try to make the design as a vector. I’m really happy about how this one turned out. I’m learning new things every day!

Postcrossing card: Plato & Sophia

plato and sophia postcrossing card

I made this digital painting for my good friend Elise, who likes Postcrossing. For her birthday, I gave her a set of postcards with a painting of her two cats, Plato and Sophia. I tried to mimic the Asian paintings I like so much.

(And ta-dah, here is another entry for the 26 animals project… C is for Cat!)