Project: 26 animals challenge

I’m spending most of my days working on abstract things like type theory and category theory for my master in computer science. Since I wanted to start drawing again, I was looking for a one-drawing-a-day-challenge that wouldn’t take too much time, but would provide a nice distraction from my obligatory daily dose of mathematics.

I used Jill Wignall‘s project as inspiration. I’ve always liked her today I saw project. She had postcards made with the text “Today I saw…”. Once a day, she would draw something nice and noteworthy on the card and then send the card to family, friends or readers of her blog. This way she combined her snail mail hobby with the wish to draw regularly. For more information, check out Jill’s blog.

Today I saw… card by Jill Wignall

My project will consist of 26 drawings: every drawing features an animal whose name starts with a letter of the alphabet (I get my inspiration for animal-names here).


  • Traditional media only.
    Digital tools are not allowed — I will probably stick to pen and paper, since I have that in my bag everywhere I go.
  • Drawing shouldn’t take more than, say, 30 minutes. I want to make it easy to draw regularly.

Wish me luck. :)